When choosing new corporate clothing or general workwear for your organisation, it can be hard to know where to start or how to make sure you make the right choice. That’s why we have put together this handy checklist of the key considerations when purchasing new uniforms.

1. Consider your employees day to day activity

Think about the day to day activity of your employees and how the new uniform needs to work with them from both a practical and a comport perspective. Whether it’s a team of beauticians, dental nurses or medical professionals, think about the specific needs of each role, for example, is a stretch fit needed for ease of movement or are extra pockets required for storage? These things may seem small, but they are key to your employee’s day to day working lives, so must be considered!

2. Stay true to your brand

Remember that first impressions count, and your corporate clothing should be instantly recognisable, portraying your corporate image. Always stay true to your brand, especially when choosing colours and opt to add embroidery or logos to really personalise the look of your uniforms.

3. Comfort, style & fit are key

Staff uniforms have got to be fit for purpose, good quality, functional and comfy; something your employees will be proud to wear! Be sure to have your uniforms fitted correctly and think about offering employees a variety of styles to suit different body shapes, so that everyone feels comfortable on a daily basis. If uniforms are ill fitting or simply uncomfortable, employees are less likely to want to wear them.

4. Work to your budget

Consider the reason behind your new uniform, for example, is it for safety reasons or simply to refresh the look and feel of the current style. Whilst there may be some areas where you can compromise, for example, style options, other items are simply too important to be overlooked. If you do need to be conscious of costs, why not work out a phased roll out plan or replace essential items first. This should help to spread the cost over time whilst still allowing you to benefit from a refreshed uniform.

5. Take your time!

As exciting as it can be to get your employees kitted out in their new uniforms, it is best to take your time, to make sure you make the right choice. Be sure to consider all the options available, in line with our tips above and shop around before making the final decision!

With these tips in mind, it should make the process of choosing your new staff uniforms easy. Employees who are looking and feeling great, will help maintain a professional corporate image, making sure that all important first impression is a good one!